16 Christmas gift ideas for dogs

When it comes to ticking off your Christmas shopping gift list, there’s a very important family member you shouldn’t forget: the dog!

We all know that dogs are so loved by their humans, and it’s a perfect time to treat them. With the excitement of the festive season, they’ll love receiving a new treat.

Where to buy Christmas gifts for dogs

You no longer need to make a special visit to the pet store to pick up a gift for your dog. Many high street stores have a selection of goodies made for four-legged friends, or you can order online and get them sorted in just a few clicks.

When it comes to shopping for dogs, practical is best. Sure, they want new toys, but do they need them? And does their owner (that could be you) have enough room for more? There are plenty of useful purchases you can make, too, such as new leads, or even a dog camera to keep an eye on them.

Feeling inspired? We’ve scoured the very best Christmas gifts for dogs to find something that your furry friend is bound to love. Only spoilt dogs allowed!

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