2021 diaries that will help you plan your best year yet

But there is nothing like fresh optimism and with 2021 just around the corner, we say time to get planning. While, yes, 2021 may still be uncertain too there is no harm in starting to make small plans.

Why not book a staycation or a birthday party for six people? Or even just jot down notes from your weekly horoscope (did you also know when Mercury is going into retrograde again? It’s mid October, so watch out for those pesky delays or exes springing up from the past!)

It makes sense to keep a diary, whether that’s a page-to-a-day notebook where you can jot down thoughts and feelings from the day, or something more compact, for making notes and mini to-do lists. After all, writing things down can help curb anxiety and keep you feeling optimistic. With lots of beautiful planners on offer, there is something for everyone. Here are our favourite 2021 diaries to invest in now.

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