Best designer bags 2020 – these luxury handbags hold their value at resale

There are some fashion purchases we’d love to forget (bell bottom jeans anyone?) but a luxury bag will never be one of them. 

Making it easy to admire the most iconic accessories in one place, we’ve rounded up the very best designer bags – all for your browsing pleasure.

A bag for life in the most glamorous sense, buying a luxury handbag is always going to be a considered purchase rather than an impulse one.

The good news is, months or years of saving (or dropping birthday hints!) can reward you with a piece that delivers on look, fabric and craftsmanship.

So, whether you’ve got your eye on a buttery-soft Hermes Kelly, a sumptious Dior Saddle Bag or a cross-body Chloe Tess, we’ve broken down what you need to know about the most desirable designer bags.

Why are designer bags so expensive?

With a designer bag, you’re not just paying for bragging rights, but the time it’s taken to piece your new purchase together.

Take Loewe’s Puzzle Bag for example. Epitomising the level of craftsmanship that goes into making designer bags, it takes an eye-watering 524 steps to complete. That’s before we’ve even considered the fabric of a luxury bag.

And flying the flag for full supply-chain transparency, Mulberry have been members of the Leather Working Group since 2012. This first ensures that all of their leathers are a by-product of food production and livestock are properly treated. If you’re looking to make more ethical fashion choices, you can’t put a price on that level of commitment.

Do the best designer bags go on sale?

Yes and no. The most exclusive bags and labels, like Hermes and Louis Vuitton, never go on sale. To grab yourself a cheap Louis Vuitton bag or equivilent, it’s often a case of buying them secondhand from a reputable reseller (but be warned: they hold their resale value so you won’t save much).

However, many of the other luxury labels do tend to have seasonal discounts. And some brands have sample sales or even have designer outlets, such as the Mulberry factory shop, where you can save hundreds of pounds.

Are luxury bags a good investment?

Designer bags have the potential to become a beloved, hand-me-down piece. But, if you want to find yours a new home outside of your circle, there’s plenty of money to be made on resale websites. Farfetch and Vestiaire Collective are our top pick.

So, what sells well on the sites?

‘The best investments tend to be timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion,’ says Sophie Hersan, co-founder of Vestiarie Collective. ‘Hermes is still widely considered as a good investment and continues to be one of our bestselling brands. Several styles are highly coveted, and the history of the company adds to the exclusivity. There’s a mystery around the bags which makes them even more sought after.’

‘Limited edition pieces are also something to consider when buying a handbag. Rarity drives up the price. A special colourway or limited edition collection for example increases demand.’

The best designer bags to buy now

If you’re looking for 2020’s trendiest designer bags this isn’t the list for you. This edit of luxury handbags is for people who want a beautiful, classic, solid fashion investment they won’t grow out of, or won’t tire of. Any of these bags you’ll trot out year after year, which is just as well, because that will help make the eyewatering cost become more palatable when you calculate the cost per year over decades…

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