Coleen Nolan makes sad confession about sisters’ cancer diagnoses

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  • Loose Women star Coleen Nolan has made a heartbreaking confession about her sisters’ cancer diagnoses.

    Coleen Nolan, whose sisters Anne and Linda Nolan both revealed their cancer diagnoses earlier this year, has revealed that she is now considering a mastectomy.

    “Three of my sisters have had cancer now, and sadly one passed away,” Coleen Nolan said to OK!, speaking about her sister Bernie, lead singer of the family’s music group The Nolans, who died from cancer back in 2013.

    “When I first heard about Linda and Anne back in April, my knee-jerk reaction was, get these breasts off me!” she admitted. “It’s like having two timebombs sitting there.

    “Since then I’ve calmed down, but I still lie awake at night worrying. I’m in limbo and really struggling to decide. It’s horrendous enough when you’ve got no choice in the matter, but when it’s a voluntary decision to lose your breasts it’s so difficult.”

    “It’s a really big operation and my sisters were quite shocked when I told them,” she added, “but they’ve also been very supportive.”

    Coleen’s sister Anne revealed earlier this year that her breast cancer had returned 20 years after she first beat it, while the pair’s other sister, Linda, revealed that her breast cancer, which had spread to her hip and pelvis in 2017, has now spread to her liver.

    Speaking about her love and pride for her two sisters, Coleen added to OK!, “What would I say to my sisters right now, I would just say how proud I am of them. I mean they have got through this and yet they’ve had terrible days, of feeling terribly ill after treatment, really suffered.

    “But, you’d never know they put on the family group chat, ‘not feeling great today’ and then as soon as they are feeling better they are up and they’re out.

    “And I’d just say to them I’m so proud of them. I hope I can always be as brave as they are generally in life.

    “I’m just totally, totally in awe of them and they know that and I couldn’t love them any more.”

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