Gogglebox favourite Mary reveals meaning behind famous ‘nutty’ nickname

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  • Gogglebox stars Giles Wood and Mary Killen have revealed the meaning behind their famous ‘nutty’ nicknames.

    Giles and Mary have been regulars on Gogglebox since the fifth series hit screens back in 2015 and they have become beloved favourites for their witty comments, wacky home decor and academic repertoire.

    But the one thing that they are best known for is their endearing but slightly odd nickname for each other, which has left the best part of the country calling out to our other halves as ‘nutty’ every time we want the kettle boiled for a cuppa.

    And now Gogglebox star Mary has revealed the true meaning behind the couple’s famous pet name for each other.

    Speaking to the Daily Star, Mary said, “We call each other ‘nutty’ because we both consider the other to be a bit mad.

    “Certainly Giles has multiple personality disorder,” she joked, “so he’s all sorts of people and one of them is a bit of a genius. The truth is we’re both neurotic.”

    The TV star also opened up about how the couple have fared throughout lockdown, saying, “Lockdown wasn’t a great hardship for us; more like an open prison with comfortable beds, but I know a few couples who have split up because they have decided they can’t stand one another.”

    She also revealed that sitting down and watching TV together has strengthened their relationship, adding, “Giles and I were like ships that pass in the night. I got up early. He went to bed late. And we rarely even ate together.

    “Sitting down and watching television reminded us how much we enjoyed the same jokes.”

    The couple spoke out about their sudden fame back in 2018, when Giles told The Guardian, “Fame hasn’t changed us. We fly under the radar. That changed a little bit when French and Saunders spoofed us, which was recognition that we’d seeped into the national consciousness.”

    “Mary gets recognised more than me because I wear a red bobble hat a lot of the time,” he added.

    “If I’m not feeling cheerful, she kicks me in the shins and tells me to smile for a selfie. There are lots of pictures of me out there, grinning like a baboon in a bobble hat. But it’s not like being a member of the Beatles pop group. We don’t get mobbed.”

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