Got a gin advent calendar for 2020? Now learn how to drink it

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  • You’ve got the gin but what’s the best way to drink it?

    Gin advent calendar 2020 have been flying off the shelves, but while many of us have got the gin – do we really know how to drink it?

    Most of us drink it by pairing it up with a great tonic, ice and a garnish. But what about how you get the most out of it’s complex flavours…

    Well, author Dave Broom has come to all our rescues by creating a drink book called Gin: How to drink it – and it could mean we’ve been doing it all wrong!

    gin drink

    The perfect Christmas gift addition for any gin lover, the book tells gin’s fascinating story, and details how it gets its complex flavours.

    But while history is a good thing to know, most importantly, he has tested hundreds of gins from all over the world so we don’t have to – and hand-picked 125 to appear in this book.

    Complete with comprehensive tasting notes, it’s the complete guide to help you make an informed choice about the gin and how best to drink it.

    Gin: How to drink it


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    Fortnum & Mason sells royal gin, and Dave is their Drinks Writer of the Year 2020 – has also tasted and scored each one four ways – in a G&T, a negroni, a martini and with lemonade – so that we learn the best ways to drink it without wasting a drop of gin – or our money.

    And while many gin lovers have already ordered the Wilkos 24 days of Christmas Gin advent calendar knowing which type of gin to pair with your mixers is key.

    cocktail mixers

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    Dave describes himself as, “A Glaswegian who gets paid to drink spirits and then write about them. I’ve been getting away with this for over 20 years and have somehow won various awards along the way, but being Scottish I don’t go on about it. When I’ve not got my nose in a glass I listen to the sort of music that people think of as weird.”

    And judging by this biography, it sounds like his book is going to be an entertaining read with or without a gin in hand…

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