Lorraine Kelly reveals how coronavirus measures were a ‘wakeup call’

Lorraine Kelly has revealed why the coronavirus measures were a ‘wakeup call’ for her.

Lorraine Kelly has spoken out about how wearing face masks after the coronavirus lockdown has led to her experiencing maskne (mask-provoked spots or acne), revealing why it was a ‘wakeup call’ to her.

Admitting that she was previously ‘guilty’ of not paying enough attention to her skincare regime, particularly in the evening, the ITV host opened up about her daughter Rosie has helped her developed a good routine.

I’m sixty years old and for the first time in decades I’ve had spots and breakouts around my nose and mouth and I know I’m not the only one,’ the ITV prevent wrote in her HELLO! Magazine column. ‘It means we all have to be a lot more careful with our skincare routines and to keep our masks ultra clean.’

I’m very guilty of using baby wipes to take off my TV makeup and not doing a thorough enough daily cleanse and moisturising properly,’ she admitted. ‘This has been a wakeup call and I realise I have to start taking care of my skin.’

Lorraine revealed that she now does a double cleanse every night, explaining, ‘This means using an oil or balm cleanser followed by a milk or gel cleanser to get rid of all makeup, dirt, and grime ideally with a flannel or muslin cloth.’

Rosie has also taught her mum the benefits of retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C products, and Lorraine incorporates these into her daily routine either as a face oil during the day or in a serum at night.

‘NEVER neglect your neck,’ added Lorraine, revealing that her daughter Rosie has also introduced her to retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C products.

‘You have to take your time for your skincare and never forget to use a dedicated SPF at the end of your morning routine,’ she added.

Here are our recommendations of what to incorporate into your skincare for a routine like Lorraine…

Lorraine Kelly ‘maskne’ skincare routine

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