Our Beauty Ed can’t sleep without This Works Pillow Spray – and it’s 33% off for Amazon Prime Day

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  • It started innocently enough (these things always do) Just a light spritz every now and then – mostly because the gorgeous lavender and vetiver fragrance made my bedroom smell like a fancy hotel spa. And who wouldn’t want to sleep in a fancy hotel spa? Ideally this sleep would take place wearing a fluffy robe after a 90-minute massage and some herbal infusion that tastes so swampy you just know it’s good for you.

    I digress. The point is as time went on this pre-bed spritz developed into a chronic habit.You know you’ve got a dependency when the idea of not doing something fills you with panic. And boy have I panicked. If it’s not in its usual place and I have to rummage, If I go away and forget to bring it or if  it runs low and can only cough out a tiny splutter. How will you ever get to sleep now without your wonderful magical mist? Says the voice in my head.

    It’s no wonder I’m hooked. This stuff has sold millions for a reason, and has been proven to help us sleep faster, more deeply and feel refreshed the next day. In fact, in stark contrast to most of the other things I could use weaning myself off (social media, Kinder Buenos) This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is actually beneficial to my wellbeing. So it is with a clear conscience that I can tell you about this excellent Amazon Prime Day Deal.

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    This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – Was £19.50, now £13 (save 33%), Amazon.co.uk

    This natural sleep aid is a cult favourite for a reason. It smells absolutely gorgeous and helps promote easier more restful sleep. The therapeutic blend of lavender camomile and vetiver oils create a calming atmosphere wherever you spray – whether that’s on your pillow, your pyjamas or a favourite blanket for an afternoon nap. The formula is 99% natural, cruelty-free and vegan.



    Tempted to treat yourself to a great night’s sleep with this Amazon Prime Day 2020 deal?

    This works deep sleep with box

    It’s not just me who finds This works Pillow Spray a first class ticket to the Land of Nod.

    In an independent consumer trial of 100 participants. 89% of those who tried is found they fell asleep faster, 98% felt more refreshed in the morning, 97% felt they slept better and 100% said they would recommend it to a friend.

    Shop the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray deal here 

    Now spray, breathe and snooze away!

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