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Buying an adorable gift for the new arrival? Easy! Deciding what to wear to a baby shower? Not so much.

Baby showers started as an American trend that much like gender reveal parties or Black Friday shopping sales, has made its way over to the UK – and seems to be here to stay.

The lovely thing about baby showers is they are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the mum-to-be and make her feel special, before the arrival of the adorable, scene-stealing newborn.

Knowing what to wear to a baby shower can be tricky. Especially if the gathering is being kept low-key and is held in someone’s home. Here’s what our fashion writer suggests…

What should I wear to a baby shower as a guest?

The key to dressing for a baby shower is to tailor your outfit depending on the venue and the theme.

A fancy afternoon tea or brunch calls for a dress and heels, while a chilled afternoon at the expectant Mum’s home feels better suited to casual trousers and a nice top.

Think of this as similar to the dress code of a christening – but not quite as dressy as a wedding.

What to wear to a baby shower


Baby showers tend to involve at least a few games, so a jumpsuit will keep you on the right side of a wardrobe malfunction. They’re super comfy too – perfect for all-day wear. Dress yours down with flats or up the glamour with heels, statement earrings and a tailored blazer. Think Amal Clooney at Meghan Markle’s baby shower!


Far easier to walk in than a spindlier stiletto, wedges have the same leg lengthening effects with none of the wobbles. Choose a pair in metallic, nude or tan to max out your cost-per-wear.

Bright colours

Baby showers are a celebration, so now’s the time to wear plenty of colour – the bolder the better. Think vibrant prints, clashing colours and rainbow brights. Rarely stray from black or grey? Tip-toe out of your comfort zone with pretty pastels instead.

Amal Clooney demonstrating what to wear to a baby shower

Amal Clooney nailed what to wear to a baby shower in this bright jumpsuit coupled with a chic blazer. (Credit: Getty)

Can you wear jeans to a baby shower?

Whether or not your jeans are deemed baby shower-appropriate will really depend on the type of soiree your attending.

If you do decide to don jeans for a baby shower, rest assured you’re in good company. The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle donned a coated black pair for her New York baby shower in 2019.

Our advice? Follow Meghan’s lead and stick to black, indigo and white denim with a straight or skinny leg. Anything light wash, baggy or ripped will feel too casual.

Can you wear black to a baby shower?

A colour traditionally associated with mourning and funerals, wearing black to a baby shower can be frowned upon. This is a happy occasion, so your outfit should match the sunny mood.

That being said, if you throw some vibrant accessories into the mix (maybe in blue or pink!) you should be able to get away with a chic black outfit.

Go-to brands when shopping for a baby shower outfit

& Other Stories

Bringing a dash of their signature scandi cool to any occasion, you’d be silly to overlook & Other Stories for party pieces. They might be best known for their beautifully tailored coats and chunky wool knits, but they always deliver on pretty dresses, skirts and blouses too.

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High-street hero Zara is yet to let us down when it comes to fashion-forward clothing at prices that won’t leave us plummeting into our overdrafts. Their easy-to-wear midi dresses are well-worth stocking up on.

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Home to smaller, indie fashion labels alongside their own-brand offering, Anthropologie is our go to for something special. Their MO is pretty prints and luxe fabrics (velvet, silk and faux fur always make an appearance) which justify the slightly steeper price tags.

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Baby shower-ready buys to shop now

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