Prince Harry reveals how he uses meditation to cope with online negativity

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  • Prince Harry has turned to meditation to to cope with the negative press and online abuse he and his wife Meghan Markle have faced.

    Prince Harry has confessed he uses meditation to combat the online hate and negative press he and Meghan Markle have faced in recent months.

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    The father-of-one made the admission during a candid chat with US-based Teenager Therapy podcast as part of World Mental Health Day.

    He said, “The importance of creating the time in your day to take a breath and focus on the things that really matter, that builds up a certain amount of resilience.”

    The couple have been at the centre of a media storm since they made the shock decision to step down as senior royals in order to lead a more “peaceful” life with their son Archie in America. 

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    Despite the endlessly negative press coverage, the Duke revealed he has stopped taking it all in.

    “Just as much as we worry about, be concerned, and take notice of what we put in our bellies as a diet, the same applies for our eyes and our mind, what we’re consuming is affecting us,” he explained.

    Having once been dubbed the party boy of the family, even Harry, 36, said he never thought he’d be the kind of person to practise meditation.

    He said, “For me meditation is key, I never thought I’d be the person to do that. The importance of creating a moment and taking that time in your day to just take a breath, that builds up a certain amount of resilience.”

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    Giving a rare insight into their family life, the pair shared their coping strategies for dealing with mental health issues, such as journaling and meditation.

    “You have to find certain things that work for you. For me, I think journaling is a really powerful thing. It allows me to reflect on where I’ve come from. With that comes a lot of perspective. When you look back on something, it doesn’t seem that big,” said Meghan.





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