Sex in the shower doesn’t have to be tricky with these simple rules

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  • We all know you’re not meant to run around a swimming pool as it can lead to injury. But, hands up, who here has found themselves getting frisky in the bathroom only for it to end in disaster?

    Yes, it may be embarrassing, but good on you for trying something a bit spicy. And you’re certainly not alone. That’s because a new survey by bathroom specialists has found that 79% of Brits admit to having sex in the shower.

    But it’s not all good news. Turns out, water and fun can lead to one thing however old you are – A&E! But, that doesn’t mean you need to start installing unsexy handrails and non-slip safety mats just yet. You can still liven up bathroom play with the best vibrators and rabbits, as long as you follow simple rules.

    Plus, get it right, and it could be just the thing to boost your relationship, especially as most bathrooms have locks on the door to keep out any unwanted interruptions. Here’s everything you need to know about how to have sex in the bathroom safely:

    Top 6 injuries by Brits having sex in the bathroom

    The new research found that we’re definitely a clumsy nation with 19% of us falling over while having sex in the bathroom. Plus, a further 25% admitted to being injured because of it. Here’s the most common injuries experienced:

    1. Back injury – 28%
    2. Ankle or leg injury – 24%
    3. Neck injury – 16%
    4. Intimate area injury – 15%
    5. Wrist injury – 10%
    6. Head injury – 7%

    Top 6 breakages from Brits having sex in the bathroom

    And, it’s not just ourselves that are getting damaged by bathroom fun times – we’re also spending a fortune on getting the following fixed:

    1. Shower curtain – 54%
    2. Fixtures and fittings of the shower – 15%
    3. Door of the shower – 11%
    4. Shower head – 11%
    5. Sink – 9%

    The best position for safe sex in the shower, whatever your height

    Want to have sex in the bathroom safely? Choosing the right position can definitely help. But, when there’s barely space to bend for the soap, things can get awkward – fast.

    “For most of us, showers don’t really give us a lot of space or convenient handholds for acrobatic sex,” says expert Sammi Cole from sexual wellness brand Lovehoney. “So the positions that work best tend to be those that make the most of the walls for extra support. Standing doggy is a strong favourite, as you can lean forward slightly and rest your hands on the wall as your partner penetrates you from behind. You can also grab yourselves a suction handle, which will give you something extra to hold onto if you need it.”

    What to do if there’s a big height difference between you and your partner

    Standing sex can be tricky, especially in the slippery environment of a shower. And, if your partner is taller than the guy from Pointless while you struggle to get on the rides at Thorpe Park, it can make things worse. But there are ways you can enjoy some frisky shower fun, whatever your height difference.

    “If you’re shorter than your partner, you can use something to allow you to raise one leg and make penetration from behind easier,” says Sammi. “If you’re taller, try leaning your back against the wall. Then wrap one leg around their hips for support as they enter you.”

    And don’t forget to get creative with the space you have. “Alternatively, if your shower’s over your bath, has a bench, or has a large enough floor, your partner can sit down as you straddle them and ride them,” says Sammi. “Then your height problem is solved!”

    How to pick the perfect water temperature for sex in the shower

    Who doesn’t like a bath so hot it melts your skin? Not everyone, unfortunately. Turn’s out, some people can be pickier than Goldilocks when it comes to getting the temperature JUST right.

    “Temperature does make a big difference to your shower session,” says Sammi. “Too cold, and it’ll be distracting and potentially difficult to stay aroused. But too hot, and it could be painful on your skin, or make you feel light-headed and more prone to slip. So make sure to find a temperature that’s comfortable for both of you before you start.”

    Make sure you set the mood first

    Let’s face it, bathrooms aren’t always the most erotic of settings, but there are things you can do to help get you relaxed before sex. Thinking about the lighting first could be a great way to make the situation much more sensual. 

    “Natural daylight will almost always be more flattering than artificial overhead lighting,” says Sammi. “And so is candlelight – and bonus points if the candles are scented for an additional sensory experience.” 

    Why you shouldn’t worry about make-up before shower sex

    If you’re planning on getting wet, there is no point spend too much time putting on make-up. Go au natural, it’s easier.  “No one should feel that they have to put on make-up before having sex with someone,” says Sammi. “But, if you’d prefer not to go completely natural, waterproof mascara shouldn’t leave you panda-eyed or with streaks on the towel.”

    The toys which work well in water

    The great news is that whether you’re with a partner or on your own, there are tons of toys that you can enjoy in the shower. “Practically anything without a motor, such as a dildo, can be used safely,” says Sammi. “Plus, even some vibrators are safe for sub-aquatic use. Just be sure to check that the description online or on the packaging says that they’re submersible, not just splashproof. A suction cup dildo can also be stuck to the tiles or base of the shower, allowing you to enjoy it at practically any angle!”

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    No toy? No worries. “Some people enjoy directing the stream of water from the shower head at their sensitive external areas,” says Sammi. “This can be an enjoyable form of stimulation. However, it’s not a sensation that everyone enjoys, so it might be worth exploring on your own first. If you or your partner find this kind of play uncomfortable at any point, then stop.”

    Why women need to be careful mixing water and lube

    While water is fun, getting it into the wrong places can cause problems. “Introducing a lot of water into the vagina can flush out all the good bacteria that help to keep your lady garden healthy,” says Sammi. “So it isn’t advisable to point the shower hose straight up there. It can also wash away the body’s natural lubrication, which can cause discomfort or sometimes damage.”

    The best solution? Try using lube instead. “For that reason, it’s worth having a bottle of silicone lubricant to hand,” says Sammi. “Unlike the water-based kind, this doesn’t dissolve in water and lasts longer, meaning your play will be more comfortable. It can, however, make everything much more slippery. And this includes the shower itself, so be careful not to spill any!”

    You may need to change your protection

    Are you and your partner relying on condoms for protection? “It’s worth noting that they haven’t yet been approved as being showerproof, and they could slip, or the heat could cause them to break,” says Sammi. “So be sure to take other contraceptive steps. Or, wait until you’re dry and head to the bedroom where you can safely use them again. STIs can be more easily transmitted during shower sex, too, so don’t rely on the water to keep you safe and clean.”


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