Special 50th birthday gift ideas for men and women 2020

Turning 50 is an important milestone, and these 50th birthday gift ideas have been hand selected to help celebrate this special and significant occasion.

Whether you’re looking for unique 50th birthday gifts that break the mould, or gift ideas for a couple, a wife, husband, friend or family member that they will treasure, we’ve found 50th birthday gift ideas for every budget.

What do you get someone for their 50th birthday?

Traditionally, you bought something gold as a 50th birthday present. But with so many fantastic and unique 50th birthday gift ideas out there today, this no longer needs to be the case.

Tracy Kemp, director of unique and unusual gift company Vintage Playing Cards suggests personalising a gift for a bespoke touch.

“Buying something for the home is a great gift as the recipient will see it everyday. Or, something bespoke is a brilliant idea too – as they know that the gift has been created especially for them.”

We also love the idea of giving the gift of a new experience – or the chance to make new memories – as a birthday present. We’ve included a few of those 50th birthday gift ideas below, along with more traditional presents, too. (And yes, there’s one or two gold pieces in the list, for good measure!)

Friend lighting candles on cake as 50th birthday gift idea for woman

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How do you pick a meaningful gift for a 50th birthday? 

Emma Bridgewater, founder of the famous British pottery company of the same name, shared her advice of gift giving with woman&home after over three decades of designing and creating gorgeous personalised gifts.

“I love the idea of a gift that can last for generations,” Emma told us. “So you are giving a gift which will continue to give pleasure for years to come. A personalised mug or bowl makes a really thoughtful and unique gift.

“Beyond adding to my vintage pottery collection, I think my all time favourite gift was the bundle of sticks which turned into a cherry orchard, an inspired present one year which produced beautiful clouds of blossoms in spring and baskets full of fruit in summer for years later – it has inspired me to give trees or shrubs as presents.” It’s certainly a unique present, and one that the recipient can enjoy for years to come! An inspiring idea…

50th birthday gift ideas:

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