The Hair Boss range is like a salon in your bathroom

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  • Can we start by agreeing what an excellent brand name The Hair Boss is?

    It’s an appropriate one too – the eponymous Hair Boss, Lisa Shepherd, is something of a Don of the hairdressing industry. In a career spanning three decades Lisa has won British Hairdresser of the Year, appeared as a hair colour expert on Channel 4’s How to Look Good Naked and worked with countless hair brands. What this lady doesn’t know about highlights, hairstyles and hair dryers ‘aint worth knowing. 

    With The Hair Boss, Lisa has finally launched her own range and it does not disappoint. The first drop, a collection of shampoos, conditioners and styling products took us by surprise with its combination of affordable pricing and innovative products. So innovative, in fact that The the Balayage Shampoo scooped Woman & Home Beauty Award 2020, with yours truly saying “This promises a lot and really delivers. My roots felt fresh and my poor parched ends were soft without flyaways. I’m excited to see more from this new British brand.”

    Even better, the chic results-driven range starts at £7.99. Even the priciest product, The Double Mask costs just £19.99 – and technically that’s actually two products.

    Now, the second drop is here focusing squarely Lisa’s top area of expertise; Colour. Once again it’s innovative, unique and pleasingly accessible on the prices.

    What’s  in The Hair Boss Colour Correcting collection? 

    This 8-piece range is split into three rituals; Correct, Illuminate and Enhance. Each product is designed to be used in conjunction with others to perfect your hair colour without the need for a pricy salon visit.

    Correct: The Corrector Drops 


    View The Hair Boss Corrector Drops, £7.99,

    These clever concentrated pigment drops come in Blonde and Brunette variants to knock unwanted warm tones out of hair. Simply put a drop or two in your normal shampoo, conditioner or add into a hair mask for a more intense toning effect. They are brilliantly customisable and portable – what’s not to love? 

    Illuminate: The Hair Boss The Blonde Brightener 


    View The Blonde Brightener Spray, £9.99,

    Another first, this acts like a salon detox treatment to remove unwanted metals and minerals from the hair. This invisible build up is often the root cause of brassy or dull blonde hair, especially if you live in a hard water area. Spray it on weekly, leave for 20 minutes then wash out to instantly refresh tired highlights. 

    Illuminate: The Hair Boss The Clear Shine Gloss 


    View The Clear Shine Gloss, £14.99,

    Like a professional glossing treatment, this should be used between shampooing and conditioning to give hair a sparkling shine without changing it’s tone. It does need to be left on for 20 minutes, so is best employed during a long bath to give it time to work it’s shine enhancing magic. 

    Enhance: The Hair Boss Colour Enhancing Gloss


    View The Hair Boss Colour Enhancing Gloss, £14.99, Superdrug,com

    This collection of four colour boosters can be applied like a mask to freshen up your colour. The range includes glosses for White Blonde, Golden Balayage, Cool Brunette and Warm Brunette. Each one combines semi permanent pigment with deeply conditioning ingredients to add shine and depth to your chosen colour. 

    Many of us struggled to keep up regular salon appointments this year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to go down the box dye route. It’s great to see a collection that will help us subtly enhance and prolong our hair colour at home. 

    And all for the price of a large glass of Picpoul down the pub! 


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