The signs that Prince Philip is ‘still as charmed’ with the Queen as ever

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  • The Queen and Prince Philip have been married for 72 years, and it seems they’re just as strong as ever.

    They’ve been married for 72 years and weathered many storms, but body language expert Judi James thinks Prince Philip and the Queen are just as solid as they were all those years ago. 

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    Judi told that they appear as in love as ever, with Philip, 99, still “fascinated” by her Majesty. 

    She said, “Still posing with a sense of personal pride like the gallant and dashing prince, even in his nineties, Philip still retains his rather romantic-looking trait of watching and speaking to his wife in public as though he is still as charmed and even fascinated by her as he was when they were first engaged.

    “He will turn his head and lower it to use eye contact as she speaks to him, while his grin still suggests he is keen to encourage her to enjoy even the most formal royal occasions.”

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    And he’s not the only one mimicking the body language of when they were a young and engaged couple. 

    Judi explained, “The response he gets from his wife is equally telling.

    “She might be one of the most famous women in the world and she might also be in her nineties with four children and a whole brood of grand and great-grand-children, but the excited, delighted and even slightly coy smile as she responds to Philip looks almost identical to the ‘young girl with a crush’ expression she wore during the earliest days of their relationship.”

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    The couple’s journey hasn’t been an easy one as Prince Philip was forced to end his naval career and succumb to stepping back as she became the dominant one in the household.

    And it was a change that can be noted in their body language.

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    “When Philip first became engaged to the then Princess Elizabeth their official poses all seemed to emphasise his dominant masculinity and power while Elizabeth’s shy, beaming smiles gave the impression of a besotted teenager,” Judy analysed.

    But when Elizabeth was crowned in 1953, their status signals shifted. “The status signals changed dramatically when Elizabeth became Elizabeth II and Philip kneeled before his young wife in an act of public deference at her coronation.”

    Thankfully that hasn’t stopped the pair from enjoying a happily married life.


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