The White Company slippers that are selling out fast this autumn

While old joggers and t shirts might have been passable for the first couple of months in lockdown, many of us are settling into the new reality of long-term working from home. So it’s high time we treated ourselves to some great quality loungewear.

And if you’re looking for the perfect purchase, sales of these luxury faux-fur slippers from The White Company are through the roof in recent weeks – and it isn’t hard to see why.

Nowhere does loungewear quite like The White Company. From the best leggings to the softest knits, when it comes to comfort chic, we’d trust them with our lives.

So it’s hardly surprising that sales of the brand’s bestselling pale grey Faux-Fur Strap Slider Slippers, and their Faux-Fur Fluffy Cross Front Slippers have seen a huge spike in sales in the past couple of weeks. In fact, they’ve both become The White Company’s top-sellers over the last month.

VIEW HERE: Faux-Fur Strap Slider Slippers,, £35

The White Company slippers

Faux-Fur Strap Slider Slippers

The brand offer two super plush styles in their faux-fur sliders: A pale grey with two straps running parallel across the foot, and a gorgeous ivory coloured pair (also available in camel) with chunky crossover straps. So whatever the colour of your loungewear wardrobe, the chic, muted tones of these slider slippers will look great. (Not to mention they’d make an amazing gift.)

VIEW HERE: Faux-Fur Fluffy Cross Front Slippers,, £35

The White Company slippers

The Faux-Fur Fluffy Cross Front Slippers

Both slippers have soft faux-fur on both the inside and the outside for supreme cosiness, and boast a suede patch for your toes so they don’t slide out. Yes, the fur is that soft.

But don’t just take our word for it – both pairs of slippers boast almost five-star reviews on The White Company website, with one customer calling the two-strap sliders, ‘[The] fluffiest pair of slippers I’ve ever seen.’

‘The look is luxurious and they feel just as nice,’ wrote another customer.

A customer who bought the Cross Slider Slippers said, ‘A little bit of luxury for your feet!! Would not change anything.’

With such a huge spike in sales in recent weeks, something tells us that the cosy slippers are set to be a sell out. Shop them here.

We’re just dying to get our feet into them…

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