This 20% off Reiss sale is an autumn dream

Everytime I pass a Reiss shop, or come across their website, I can’t resist popping in, or browsing for hours on end.

Not only are their shop-fronts so elegant it makes me cry about the state of my own home decor, their clothes are the epitome of classic chic. Made up of investment neutrals, tailored suits, and cosy knits that fit like a glove, they’re enough to make anyone doubt how sophisticated and put-together their own capsule wardrobe is.

Which is why, when I uncovered the current 20% off sale at Reiss happening right now, I jumped at the chance to treat myself to some quality sartorial goodies.

Reiss 20% off new arrivals sale,

Reiss will (fairly regularly) have mid-season sales, or end of season sales (such as the January sales) – but the one going on right now will give you 20% off of their new items – which almost never happens. It means you can get £30, £40, £50 off their winter jumpers, coats, trousers, or tops, right on time – without waiting until the weather is starting to get warm again.


The Reiss sale is a great chance to make an investment purchase that’s great quality and will be stylish for years to come. Keen for a new cashmere sweater, but can’t justify it at full price? Now is your chance. Need a new winter coat that will last for years to come? The Reiss sale has plenty for you.

I’ve come to learn that with fashion, it’s normally better to opt for quality over quantity – and the items on offer in this sale give you just that, at 20% off the normal price!

Here’s exactly what we’re coveting in this Reiss sale…

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