Toni Braxton’s unusual skincare secret revealed in Vogue video

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  • We’re all for dispelling taboos around self-love and being open about finding the best vibrator – but we have to admit, we hadn’t thought of this as a potential consideration…

    hen youthful Toni Braxton talks skincare, we sit up and listen.

    But when the 52-year-old revealed her skincare secret during a beauty video with Vogue, we’re not sure it’s something many would try at home…

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    Toni Braxton was taking part in Vogue’s ‘Beauty Secrets’ video franchise when she revealed her unusual beauty secret. After applying her moisturiser and eye cream, the singer then rubs a purple vibrator across her face to ‘activate’ her facial muscles.


    “It is a vibrator,” she said, holding up the Trojan Vibrations Power Wand Deep Massager to the camera.

    “I call it a ‘face tingler’ because it tingles the muscles in my face and gets them activated and working.”

    Fans were full of admiration for Toni over her vibrator confession.

    ‘The woman is talented, gorgeous, carefree, and full of charisma. FACTS. But can we talk about her admitting using a vibrator to her face? AMAZING! You do you girl, use wherever you wish’ wrote one viewer.

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    While another said ‘I love how she didn’t replace the vibrator for another object lol she kept it real, by the way she’s beautiful!!!’

    ‘This was funny when she pulled out the vibrator. I LOVE TONI!!! I need to see a whole Braxton sisters commentation on this because they are hilarious’, wrote a third.

    But is this a viable option for your skincare routine?

    A vibrator works in the same way that a facial polisher would, as Toni says, stimulating the muscles and encouraging circulation. There’s no reason you can’t use this tool on your face, if you so wish. But if you’d rather some more traditional beauty tools, Boots have got a great selection.

    Will you be trying the trend?

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