Unique Christmas gifts for even the pickiest of present receivers

Sometimes it’s not enough to give a box of chocolates or some new socks – you need really unique Christmas gifts to appeal to that special someone. Luckily we’re here to help you deliver something different this year.

Shopping for Christmas gifts is a notoriously stressful task. However, there are plenty of unusual gift options we guarantee they won’t have seen before.

What counts as a unique Christmas gift?

Whether it’s for the friend you’ve known for years and have run out of shopping ideas for, or for a family member who already has it all, now is the perfect time to snap up a unique Christmas gift before they sell out. Unique can mean any spectrum of things, but we see a unique gift as something others are unlikely to buy for them, or something the receiver doesn’t already own.

A hint of the unexpected never goes amiss, especially at a time when we’re all sick of seeing the same advertisements over and over. Looking for useful home buys? We’ve found them. Gadgets to make their life easier? Sorted. Simply something indulgent they’d never buy themselves? You guessed it! These unusual, thoughtful gifts are guaranteed to get you into their good books.

Unique Christmas gift ideas

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