we love the new collection of nostalgia inspired scents

Loaf’s new candle collection is inspired by British nostalgia  – and the amazing throwback smells might just bring a tear to your eye. 

When it comes to the perfect time for the best candles, Autumn takes the cake. With warm scents like pumpkin, spiced orange and amber available from just about every brand, there’s nothing like the cosy, warming aromas the season brings.

And now Loaf have entered the arena with their amazing new range of Smelly Wax Candles – all of which are based around the idea of nostalgia.

Their comforting throwback scents include things like: Country Boozer, Pencil Sharpenings, Granny’s Garden and Christmas Eve. These lovely candles will have you reliving your fondest childhood memories every time you light them.

VIEW NOW: Loaf’s range of nostalgic wax candles, from £40 

This is the first collection of scented candles released by the British furniture and homeware brand,  with six memory-invoking scents to choose from. Retailing at £40 each, the candles are hand poured using a 100% natural blend of beeswax, soy and rapeseed wax, and have an estimated burn time of 35 hours.

Each candle also comes encased in a beautiful stoneware jar with a hand-dipped crackle glazed lid, which can be reused as a storage pot after the candle has burned down.

Credit: Loaf

And if you thought that the smell of Pencil Sharpenings couldn’t possibly make for a gorgeous candle, think again. With woody notes of cedarwood combined with patchouli, amber and ‘the faint possibility of an after-school detention’, this one will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside despite the cold Autumn evenings.

If you’re a fan of lighter, more floral scents, Loaf’s Granny’s Garden wax candle is a throwback to lighter, brighter days – smelling of fig, rose and fresh grass. Not to mention the Laundry Days candle, which, with its scents of fresh cotton, laundry powder and sandalwood, has us hankering back to the days when we’d help hang out the washing for an extra bit of pocket money.

And who could forget the sleepless excitement of Christmas Eve as a child? If only you could bottle it…Well, Loaf actually have, recreating its fir tree, cedarwood and cinnamon-smelling anticipation in gorgeous candle form.

View the full range of Loaf Smelly Wax Candles below.

Loaf’s nostalgic new range of Smelly Wax Candles:

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