We take style lessons from Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, after appearance in joyous patterned scarf

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  • Once again Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is upping the fashion stakes. On a rainy autumnal day, she visited Ebony Horse Club and Dwaynamics boxing club in Brixton, London. To hear about how both places have been coping during the pandemic. 

    Sheltering from the rain with a large Fulton umbrella she wore a joyous patterned scarf with a green tartan skirt, black blazer jacket and block-heeled knee-high boots – we think they’re the same ones she wore the other day too! Not forgetting her leather gloves, which have become a bit of a staple for her and pearl earrings. A lesson in style for all of us.

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    The Duchess is President of the horse club, which is a community-riding centre that aims to help children learn new skills and take on new responsibilities. While it may be in Zone two of London, it is home to eight horses and provides opportunities for 140 people. 


    As with most things during lockdown, people were unable to visit however the charity still managed to support families by arranging weekly video calls, allowing participants to virtually visit competition venues. They also adapted their space and became a hub for the National Schools Breakfast Club, allowing them to distribute provisions for 80 local children per week, every Thursday – quite a feat!

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    At the boxing club, she watched some action inside the ring and was greeted by chief executive Lorraine Jones, whose son Dwayne Simpson was stabbed to death at the age of 20. Following his death, Lorraine wanted the world to be a better place and so she continued his legacy with the Dwaynamics boxing gym to help young men avoid violence.

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