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  • Word to the wise: This hair dryer could be the best purchasing decision you make this Prime Day.

    I don’t know exactly when it happened, but we seem to have found ourselves in the era of the £300 hair dryer. It’s like I woke up in 2020, Freddo chocolate bars were an outrageous 25p and apparently you’d get laughed out of Boots for trying to buy a new dryer for less than £150. Well I’m here to tell you that  there are some brilliant Prime Day hair dryer deals this year, so it needn’t be thus. Amongst the brain-melting multitude of deals available, I’ve spotted a juicy discount on one of my favourite hair dryers, the Babyliss 3Q.

    So steep is the plummet in price (62% to be exact) that this dryer has essentially travelled back in time from a very 2020 £120 to party-like-it’s-2013 £45.99. So if you were thinking about buying a new dryer, considering gifting a loved one for Christmas – in fact, even if you weren’t thinking about hair dryers at all – this deal is worth your attention.

    I’ve already posted the link in my family WhatsApp group, the group with my oldest school friends and the one full of randoms set up for a hen do that’s now been cancelled. I believe it is my duty to gift my inner and outer circle with news of this Prime Day hair dryer deal on Babyliss 3Q Hair Dryer. And now, dear reader, consider this my gift to you:

    View the amazing deal below…


    Prime Day hair dryer deal: Babyliss 3q box


    Babyliss 3Q Professional Hair Dryer – was £120 now £45.99 (save £74.01), Amazon.co.uk

    How do I love this dryer? Let me count the ways. It’s  lightweight, powerful and as high spec as you could want for home blow drying. The ultra slim nozzle makes blow drying smooth, plus it’s got a digital brushless motor – the gold standard for fast, reliable and quiet salon performance blow drying. It has three heat and two speed buttons, which is all anyone could wish for, plus a cold shot switch which makes a nice change from the thumb-ache of the standard cold shot button. Even better the cord is an unusually long three metres, it has a hanging loop for easy storage and the generous 10 year warranty gives you absolute peace of mind.



    Tempted to treat yourself to this amazing Amazon Prime Day 2020 deal? Don’t just take my word for it, the Babyliss 3Q has some amazing customer feedback on Amazon.

    A huge 81% of reviews for this dryer are five stars, with user Jevvy121212 saying, “The best hairdryer I ever used! it is extremely powerful! easy to control!” and iang27 saying, ‘In my opinion this is on an equal par if not better than those well known brands at virtually half the price.The warranty is the icing on the cake, no worries for years.”

    Shop the Babyliss 3Q Professional Hair Dryer deal here.

    What could be better than smooth, beautifully blow dried hair? Freddos being 10p again perhaps, but you can’t have everything.


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